Hearthstone Deck Tracker Twitch Extension

As of Hearthstone Deck Tracker version 1.5.2, Twitch streamers can now use the native HDT Twitch Extension.

The extension implements game interactivity features on Twitch, giving viewers access to a dynamically-updated, hoverable decklist as well as board interactions (hovering over minions, secrets, quests, heroes and hero powers).

Extension Screenshot

Setup Guide

To enable the extension’s features, follow these steps:

1) Install the extension on Twitch

Extension Screenshot

2) Link your Twitch account on HSReplay.net. You can link multiple Twitch accounts if you broadcast on more than one account and want the integration on all of them.

Twitch account linking

3) Link your HDT installation to HSReplay.net from the settings menu: Options (Advanced) → Streaming → Twitch Extension. If you cannot see the Streaming category, remember to check Advanced settings.

HDT Options

Note: If authentication fails, try running Hearthstone Deck Tracker as Administrator.

4) Once you are ready and configured, activate the extension on your Twitch Extensions dashboard.

Activation screenshot

And you’re done! The next time you start a game, the decklist extension will show up.


From the Twitch setup, you can configure whether the decklist displays on the left or right side of the stream by default, or hide it altogether. Users can always hide the decklist on their end as well from its title bar. Decks can also be copied directly from it, so if you get chat requests for the deck you are currently playing, you can tell them to copy the deckstring from there:

HDT Options

If you no longer want to use the extension, you can just uninstall it from the Twitch extension dashboard.

Support and Feedback

Join us on our Discord server for general help, suggestions and guidance. You can also email us at contact@hsdecktracker.net.

Troubleshooting / FAQ

“Authenticate with HSReplay.net” fails with an error

This is usually a firewall issue. Try running Hearthstone Deck Tracker as Administrator.

Configuration screen is stuck on “Loading setup…”

This is a rare Twitch issue. Try again in a few hours.

Is macOS supported?

HSTracker for macOS is not supported at this time. (Maybe in the future!)